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his page of the site was created to give visitors access to other information about Villa-Lobos and personalities associated with him, as well as to provide addresses where recordings and publications of his work may be acquired. It also suggests other sites of cultural interest.

If you should encounter problems such as the change of a URL, information deemed incorrect, or problems in the acquisition of books or recordings, we ask that you inform us so that we may act upon them.

Suggestions for the inclusion of other addresses pertaining to Heitor Villa-Lobos are most welcome (mvillalobos@museuvillalobos.org.br).
1. Libraries and Archives 11. Other Music Sites
2. Choro, Samba and other Brazilian Rythms and Music Styles 12. Other Villa-Lobos Sites
3. Book Publishers 13. Music Magazines, Guides, etc.
4. Sheet Music Publishers 14. Search
5. Record Companies 15. Record Sales
6. Musical Institutions, Theaters, etc. 16. Record Sales
7. Villa-Lobos Performers 17. Book/Sheet Music Sales
8. Museums, Cultural Centers, etc. 18. Book/Sheet Music Sales
9. Other Composers 19. Also See...
10. Other Interesting Cultural Sites

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