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he Villa-Lobos Museum is responsible for the collection, maintenance, preservation, study and publicity of objects which affirm, bear witness to and illustrate the life and work of Villa-Lobos and which, because of their relevance and representativeness, constitute landmarks in the formation of Brazilian identity.

The collection is structured through the development of in-house methodology that arises from the expertise of its technicians in several areas, and more specifically, through the execution of the work. For each type of item that comprises the collection, criteria and procedures have been established for research and cataloguing in order to register data of a heritage which is currently composed of:

Books, folders, theses, monographs, notebooks, annals, periodicals:
43,500 titles from the private archives of Villa-Lobos, as well as other acquisitions from purchases or donations. It is a diversified collection, classified thematically and typologically, containing biographies of Villa-Lobos and other composers, reference works, catalogs of works, the history of music, folk music, Brazilian music, musical instruments, artistic and musical education, Brazilian modernism, "The Presence of Villa-Lobos" (a collection of 13 periodicals with articles by the composer himself, about him or about music) as well as newspaper and magazine clippings on the life and work of the composer, collected by Arminda Villa-Lobos.

Correspondence and other text documents:
6,000 items. Correspondence addressed to Villa-Lobos or Arminda Villa-Lobos from friends, family, musicians, institutions, or vice-versa. The other text documents are comprised of the intellectual production of Villa-Lobos and others, comments on his works, personal documents, texts on civic and artistic education, contracts, documents on folk rhythms, tributes, interviews and several comments of the composer or about him.

Sheet music:
2,300 items of the museum collection, including manuscripts, prints and reproductions (xerographic, photostatic and heliographic, etc.) where necessary to compensate for the absence of originals. Besides original compositions, the collection also contains arrangements and transcriptions that Villa-Lobos did for his own works or those of other composers; arrangements of other authors for Villa-Lobos pieces, as well as works that belonged to the composer or were adopted by him. This material is classified by artistic cycles ("Bachianas Brasileiras" and "Choros"), by genre (opera, for example) and by vocal and/or instrumental formation (voice and piano, voice and orchestra, orchestra, a cappella chorus, etc.)

Sound Archive:
500 CDs, 1,050 LPs and 1,100 tapes (reel-to-reel, cassette and DAT) containing the music of Villa-Lobos, his speech, his performances as a musician, interviews with contemporary personalities about the composer, etc.

Audiovisual Archive:
200 films and VHS and U-MATIC tapes containing interviews, music and concerts, among others.

1,600 pictures of young and adult Villa-Lobos, with Lucília Villa-Lobos, Arminda Villa-Lobos, friends and musicians, as a composer and performer, playing billiards, his travels, tributes and his funeral. These are the principal themes of this collection.

Concert Programs and Posters:
2,000 programs from domestic and international concerts, recitals, contests and speeches in which Villa-Lobos and/or his work played by the composer or by others are the main or partial object.

Art Work and other multidimensional items:
250 items. Art work includes drawings, sculptures, etchings, paintings and other artistic constructs that belonged to Villa-Lobos or were done in his honor. Among other multidimensional items are those which illustrate the daily routine of the composer and give us a glimpse into his work and leisure world - musical instruments, batons, metronomes, games, pieces of clothing, household utensils, insignias, decorations and others.

The Museum is constantly on the lookout for items related to the life and work of Villa-Lobos and thanks any and all that can help us with this.

Since this collection is constantly growing, the numbers above are approximate.

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Partitura Bachianas Nº 5 com Dedicatória para Mindinha
Sheet music of the Bachianas Nº 5 dedicated to Mindinha
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