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he Villa-Lobos Museum was created with the basic purpose of preserving and spreading the work of Heitor Villa-Lobos. The contribution of this ingenious composer, so identified with our cultural roots, was immense but, in addition to that, Villa-Lobos dedicated almost two decades of his life to a very important project of musical education. With that, he wanted to stimulate the formation of a Brazilian musical conscience which, as the years passed by, would end up as a transforming force of our society, part of his ideal of an even more Brazilian Brazil.

Inspired by those ideals, the Villa-Lobos Museum develops projects in the educational, cultural and social areas since its foundation, seeking to strengthen its basic objectives and reaching to a broad and diverse public. That way the Museum is able to present itself as a real public institution, compromised with themes related to memory, identity and heritage.

Currently, the Educational Activities includes the following projects:

Educational Mini-Concerts;
Choral Singing - A Training and Refinement course for Choral Conductors - in partnership with the Secretariat of Education of the State of Rio de Janeiro;
Canto da Nossa Terra (The Song of Our Land) - Encounters of school chorales;
Musical Encounters among schools;
Programming for schools in the annual Villa-Lobos Festival.

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