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he year after the composer’s death, due to the inspiration of his second wife, Arminda Neves d'Almeida (Mindinha), the Villa-Lobos Museum was created to preserve his cultural heritage and publicize his work.

Arminda’s efforts were fundamental to the rapid process of creating the Museum. On June 13, 1960, the Minister of Education and Culture, Clóvis Salgado, sent a proposal for the creation of the Villa-Lobos Museum to the President of the Republic, Juscelino Kubitscheck de Oliveira, who on the 22nd of that very same month signed decree number 48379 sanctioning its creation.

On January 24, 1961, instruction number 25 of the Ministry of Education and Culture designated Arminda Villa-Lobos as director of the museum, a post she would hold for 14 years until her death on August 5, 1985. From then until mid-1986 the museum was run by pianist and great performer of the composer’s work, Sônia Maria Strutt. She was succeeded that same year by guitarist and also performer of Villa-Lobos’ works Turíbio Santos, who holds that office today.

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Decreto de criação do Villa-Lobos Museum
Decree sanctioning the creation of the Villa-Lobos Museum

Mindinha, Bidu Sayão e desconhecidos no antigo Villa-Lobos Museum (1977)
Mindinha and Bidu Sayão with a group of people at the old Villa-Lobos Museum (1977)

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