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he most important cycle of the composer’s works (although less popular than the "Bachianas Brasileiras") is the "Choros", for many different types of ensembles (from guitar and piano to chamber to symphonies), inspired directly by the urban music of Rio de Janeiro at the turn of the 19th to 20th century. "Choros Nº 1" for guitar, written in 1920 and dedicated to Ernesto Nazareth (one of Brazil’s most revered choro composers), is in esthetic and form the most traditional of the cycle. It can be heard here in a historic recording, with Villa-Lobos himself on guitar.

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© Éditions Max-Eschig
Heitor Villa-Lobos, guitar
(choro_n1.swf, 15 kb - 0:08 minutes)
1. Ária (Cantilena) 5. Kankikis
2. Tocata (O Trenzinho do Caipira) 6. Choros Número 1
3. Uirapuru 7. Choros Número 5
4. A Maré Encheu 8. Villa-Lobos' Speech

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