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hildren’s folk ditties always were important to Villa-Lobos’ work. Proof of this are his numerous works directly or indirectly impregnated with songs that for generations have been passed down from adults to children. "A Maré Encheu" ("The Tide Has Come In") is one example of the refinement with which the composer adorned these simple melodies.

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Anna-Stella Schic, piano
(mareench.swf, 279 kb - part - 1:32 minutes)
1. Ária (Cantilena) 5. Kankikis
2. Tocata (O Trenzinho do Caipira) 6. Choros Número 1
3. Uirapuru 7. Choros Número 5
4. A Maré Encheu 8. Villa-Lobos Fala

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